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Kirkfest 2023


What's On?

Saturday 24th June

10:00 -> 12:30 Kirklevington Primary School Fete, lots of stalls and games, including stocks to soak a teacher....

16:00 -> 23:30 'Picnic on the green' with music, ice-cream van and pizza stand, bring your own picnic and drink.

Sunday 25th June

13:00 -> 15:00 Afternoon Tea in the Village Hall, with drinks, scones, sandwiches and biscuits.

15:30 -> 16:30 Games on the green for children, great opportunity for kids (and parents alike) to meet new friends.

Scarecrows - everyone is invited to to create and display a scarecrow in any theme of their choice.  this year, based on feedback, it will not be a competition but done 'just for fun' to encourage more people to enter - so get your thinking caps on and make your creation, it can be small or large, funny or serious and of any design you like.  The best way to explore the scarecrows is by participating in the Treasure Hunt below which will guide you round the various streets of whole village.

This years treasure hunt (below) will not disappoint - based on feedback it has been extended and can be done over two days if preferred.  Printed copies will also be made available at the Village Hall entrance (clear wall mounted leaflet box) as is usual and completed forms can be returned to the white metal post box just above it.  Prizes will be awarded for successful completion after the event.

Treasure Hunt

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