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William Hall Trust


In 1692 a Kirklevington resident, William Hall, bequeathed in his Will, a piece of land to the people of Kirklevington.  He requested that income from the land be used for the benefit of the poor of the village.  Three trustees, one of whom to be the Vicar of Kirklevington, would ensure such income would be distributed twice yearly among the poor of Kirklevington on Trinity Sunday and Christmas Day.  An inscribed plaque in the Church porch confirms these details.  We assume that for nearly 200 years, the charity operated in accordance with William Hall's instructions.  Limited records for some of that time do demonstrate this.


Records do show that in 1857 the land, on Forest Lane became the site of the old village school and adjoining house, built and maintained through voluntary subscription.  On its closure in 1971 the school and house were converted into a dwelling for rent.  However, high maintenance costs, taking much of the rental income, led the Trustees to sell the property.  The proceeds from the sale in 2012 were immediately invested.  It is the income from this investment, after investment management expenses are deducted, that the Trustees can make available according to the rules below.

The Rules of the Scheme

The William Hall Trust is regulated by the Charity Commission - the current scheme was approved by the Charity Commission, 8th October 1974 and last amended 27th June, 2007.  The words below in italics are taken directly from this document:

"The object of the Charity shall be to relieve either generally or individually persons resident in the Parish of Kirklevington who are in a condition of need, hardship or distress.

Subject to the payment of management expenses, the Trustees shall apply the income of the Charity for that object of making grants  of money or providing or paying for items, services or facilities calculated to reduce the need , hardship or distress of such persons."


The Trustees may consider helping persons or organisations based in the Parish that meet the above criteria.  For persons, help may include; special payments to relieve sudden distress, sickness or infirmity; help with travelling expenses for persons needing hospital attention or needing to visit relative in hospital or similar.

Organisations may also be considered for help by the Trustees. Help could include payment, or part payment for special equipment, books, furniture, clothing or appliances.

How we can help

As well as supporting many individuals and families, here are some of our latest projects with organisations within our community. 


Village Playground – In both 2022 and 2023 we have provided matched funding alongside the Parish Council to deliver a significant upgrade to the play equipment for the children, install suitable inclusive seating/picnic areas for everyone and most recently the new pieces of exercise equipment which are proving popular with teenagers and parents/grandparents alike.


Kirklevington School - In the Spring of 2023 we provided funding for the installation of a brand-new kitchen, including appliances in the Early Years classroom.  The old one had minimal space which restricted the number of children able to use it at any one time and only had a small oven which had ceased to work and when it did, had limited opportunities for baking/cooking.  


"The refurbishment of the kitchen in the Early Years classroom has been a fantastic resource for all the children of Kirklevington Primary School.  It has not only added to their curriculum enrichment but has helped to develop their communication and life skills too.  

Most children love to bake and cook and, even during my short time at the school, it has been used extensively, including to bake cookies for our MacMillan Coffee Morning and used to develop our Key Stage 1 curriculum for Design Technology to name a few.  It is a well-used and highly valued resource in school, and we would like to thank the William Hall Trust for providing it for the children of our school community."  

Mrs L. Peacock, Head of School (Oct 2023)

Messy Church - We provided matched funding to support the start-up costs for Messy Church which encourages young children and their parents to come together once a month in the village hall for a fun and active play session based on a theme from the Bible. There is music and storytelling as well as tea for all those attending. A great opportunity for new and existing families in the parish to make and meet new friends.

“We have been so grateful to the WHT for providing funding towards our start-up costs for Messy Church. We have been able to buy a range of resources which can be re-used. So far we have held 7 sessions and there are anything up to 26 children and their parents involved.

The atmosphere is amazing, and everyone really appreciates what we are doing, as a Church, for the community we are part of.”


Rev Kate (Oct 2023)

Defibrillator for Kirklevington Village Hall – In December 2023 an automated external defibrillator was installed next to the outside door of the Hall.  This was sourced by the village hall committee with 50% grant funding from the London Hearts charity, with the application process being administered by the DHSC.
The balance was equally funded by Kirklevington Parish Council & The William Hall Trust.
The installation, registration, ongoing operation [cabinet power supply], & maintenance will be managed by the Village Hall. A valuable and potentially lifesaving resource for all users of the village hall and villagers in general.


This defibrillator is in addition to another one sited outside The Crown Hotel which was purchased by them back in 2018 with the support of the William Hall Trust and has been available to assist with several RTA’s at the junction into the village.


“The defib at The Crown is regularly used within the community and is a massive asset to the local area, it’s a comfort knowing it’s there.”

Alison @The Crown (March 2024)


Christmas With Friends Event – In December 2023 we hosted our first festive event which proved a great success with over 90 retired villagers attending a festive themed afternoon tea in the village hall. On the back of the village’s regular monthly Wednesday coffee morning sessions run by the dedicated ladies in the village, the aim was to encourage people to bring along their neighbours who might be lonely, recently bereaved or suffering with ill health for an afternoon singing carols and enjoying the company of friends.  Our big thanks go to the Coffee Morning Ladies and especially to Alison and her team at The Crown Hotel who provided us with a delicious afternoon tea. We had some fabulous feedback and appreciation from those attending such that we will be planning something similar for Christmas 2024.


“….. a heartfelt thanks  for a special gathering and food on the table. Great atmosphere and good chat, and well looked after by the team……. All the best.”

Brian and Jennie Beaumont (December 2023)

Hearing Loop system for the Village Hall – installed in April 2024 with funding provided by the WHT. Over the years many hearing aid users of the village hall have commented that they had difficulty in hearing what was being said at various group meetings and activities and have consequently not been able to fully enjoy what is on offer or have consequently stopped attending. The new hearing loop system includes two microphone type/input options to promote the best use of the system in a range of meeting scenarios. Hearing loss is not confined to the elderly, it can affect all age groups and so the new system should provide all villagers with greater inclusive enjoyment of the many community groups on offer that use the village hall.

“With thanks to the WHT, the project is to provide a benefit to those residents and visitors who use hearing aids and attend events in our small hall. To ensure maximum effect of the equipment, I will be speaking with the relevant community groups who regularly use the small hall but it is also recommended that individual hearing aid users know how or if their hearing aids are set up to receive loop signals by consultation with their respective audiologists.”


Andy Alton, Chair of Village Hall Committee (April 2024)

Bench on The Green alongside the bus stop – this was installed by SBC in March 2024.  Following a suggestion by a member of the village, we have funded a bench to be sited at the new bus stop on The Green.  It was noted that more elderly residents are favouring the bus instead of using cars but would appreciate somewhere to sit whilst waiting for the bus to arrive. The bench has been sourced from SBC and is one of the wood-like recycled plastic type, like the ones in the play park, which are long lasting and maintenance free.


“Thank you very much. The bench will be a great asset for the village and, I am sure, will be greatly appreciated by all our bus users.”

Roger Murdock (March 2024)

If you live in the Kirklevington Parish and would like to discuss how the WHT could support you, your family or your organisation please reach out to us in confidence using the contact details noted.

The process for applying for funding (person or organisation)

Step 1 - Contact a Trustee for an informal discussion.

Step 2 - Complete an application form requested from Trustees or download the form below (Trustees can help in the completion of the form).

Step 3 - Applications will be considered by all three Trustees to ensure it meets the Rules of the Scheme.

Step 4 - The applicant will be informed of the Trustees decision.  If approved, documentation signed off and a cheque for the funding provided.



Download the application below; Complete and hand to a Trustee (Step 3 and 4 will then take place)


For more information please contact the Trustees either in person or on the details below;


The Trustees


Revd Darren Moore – 07545657154 or

Helen Ferrar – 07710824123 or

Jim Parker -  07540280752 or


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