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Saturday, 11th December, 5 - 7pm


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PLEASE NOTE - there is a temporary diversion to the Public Right of Way around the field south of St Martins Way.  This is to allow for the road extension works to take place within the story site as they start to progress in to the next phase of the site.  It is more important than ever now to PLEASE pick up after your dogs as the temporary footpath is very narrow and is already littered with dog mess.


Spam/Phishing Messages - You may have heard\seen that there has been a sudden surge in various Spam/Phishing messages recently, this is where a txt is sent from a perpetrator pretending to be someone else i.e. The Post office or a courier company who want a payment for releasing a parcel to you.  If you receive any such message you can now forward these on free-of-charge to 7726 where they will be investigated and hopefully shut down - read the full article here.  there is also a link for emails received within the article.


Recycling Centre / Tip - Another reminder that should you need to use the Haverton Hill recycling centre (the tip) you must book an appointment first - this can be done by visiting the this link



  • [22/04/21] The faulty roundabout (carousel) has now been repaired, thank-you to everybody that took the time to report it. 

  • [22/04/21] You will notice the picnic benches have now been propped up so your bottles don't roll off the top any more... there is a plan to replace all the timbers with composite plastic so they become longer life and maintenance free. 

  • [22/04/21] There have also been a few small fences added around the hedge line, this is to protect some small shrubs that are growing there to fill the gaps in the damaged hedge.

Pump Lane

  • [22/04/21] We have now managed to get the collapsed footpath repaired so it is safe again, its work in progress so please bear with us.  As part of this same work we have also arranged for the small beck there to be dredged and cleaned out as it has been untouched for years, you will see the water now flows normally again, we have exposed 4x rain water pipes at the header wall that have probably been blocked for a long time in the process.